About Creature House

Creature House was founded in 1994 by Alex S C Hsu and Irene H H Lee.

Their vector graphics software Expression was built around research in Skeletal Strokes (presented at SIGGRAPH'94). As computer scientists and artists, Hsu and Lee understood the needs of their users; the Expression design featured a functional, intuitive interface, accompanied by a quirky, funny website.

Expression was initially released in September 1996 by publisher Fractal Design. It went on to win many awards. Creature House continued research into computer graphics, and further developed its software. Skeletal Strokes technology enabled animation sequences to have bold outlines and fluid movements. This was unlike any other kind of animation. Expression was on its way to becoming a major software tool for illustration and cel animation.

LivingCels was the last flagship product from Creature House. It used the same drawing engine as Expression, but added a sophisticated animation system. The beta release of LivingCels for Windows and Mac was available for only a few weeks, from August until October 2003. At the end of October 2003, Microsoft acquired the company, and the software vanished.